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Special Baggage

Firearms and Ammunition (Pistol)

  • Firearms and ammunition can be accepted on domestic flights as checked baggage only.
  • Each passenger is requested not to carry more than 5kg of ammunition.
  • The passenger must show the valid and proper document relating to their firearms and ammunition during check-in;
    • A license for purchase firearms or ammunition (Por. 3) or
    • A license for possession and use of firearms and ammunition (Por. 4) or
    • A license for carrying firearms and ammunition (Por. 12) or
    • A police identification card (used as firearm licenses) at Police Captain rank or higher rank or
    • A license or certificate for carrying firearms issued, under Thai law, to government officer, state enterprise, or person to possess and use for government support such as a license for carrying firearm of Department of Special Investigation officer (DSI) or a license for carrying issued by National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC), etc.

Note : the copy of document relating to firearms and ammunition is not accepted.

  • Firearms will only be accepted if unloaded.
  • Loose ammunition or clips shall not accept.


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