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FlyerBonus Point Conversion with all Krungsri credit cards including Home Pro and cards issued by KCC

Bangkok Airways, FlyerBonus in co-operation with Ayudhya Capital Services Co.,Ltd is excited to once again provide members, who are cardholders of all Krungsri credit cards including Home Pro and cards issued by KCC, with point conversion opportunities.

Point Conversion Rate
For every 1,000 Krungsri Bonus Points converted, members will be issued 10 FlyerBonus Points

FlyerBonus Points Privilege
FlyerBonus points can be redeemed for an array of rewards as follows;

  • Redemption ticket offers on Bangkok Airways

    Krungsri Bonus Points

    FlyerBonus Points

    Bangkok Airways 
    Economy Class, Round Trip 
    Awards Ticket

    20,000 points

    200 points

    Chiang Mai, Krabi, Pattaya, Phuket, Koh Samui, Sukhothai, Lampang, Trat

    30,000 points

    300 points

    International Zone1: 
    Luang Prabang, Vientiane, Phnom Penh,
    Koh Samui - Singapore, Koh
    Samui – Kuala Lumpur, Siem Reap, Yangon

    40,000 points

    400 points

    International Zone2: 
    Koh Samui - Hong Kong

    50,000 points

    500 points

    International Zone3: 
    Dhaka, Maldives, Mumbai

  • Award redemption offers at some of world’s finest hotels
  • Award redemption offers on car rental services
  • Award redemption offers for Wellbeing & Health Care Packages at the Bangkok Hospital Group

Terms and Conditions for award redemptions.

  1. The minimum qualifying conversion amount  is 1,000 Krungsri Bonus Points. For every 1,000 Krungsri Bonus Points exchanged, 10 FlyerBonus points will be issued.
  2. Krungsri Bonus Points must be exchanged by contacting the Krungsri Call Center at 1572 and Cardholders must comply with Bank of Ayudhya's terms and conditions.
  3. A cardholder who wants to transfer Krungsri Bonus Points to FlyerBonus points must be a valid member of the FlyerBonus Programme. If you are not already a FlyerBonus member, please enroll directly at
  4. Once Krungsri Bonus Points have been converted to FlyerBonus points they cannot be converted back to Krungsri Bonus Points.
  5. Up to 7 working days should be allowed for the transfer of Krungsri Bonus Points to FlyerBonus points.
  6. Redeeming any FlyerBonus award is based on the FlyerBonus Programme's terms and conditions. Members can redeem FlyerBonus awards at
  7. Bank of Ayudhya and Bangkok Airways reserve the right to change the programme structure, rules, regulations, benefits and all other Terms and Conditions in whole or in part at any time with or without prior notice, even though change may affect the value of the points or awards already issued