What are membership privileges?
Being a Priority Member entitles you to many privileges that include:

  • An additional 10 kilogram baggage allowance
  • Priority reservation wait-listing
  • Accumulation and redemption of awards
  • Special offers from Bangkok Airways and/or partner outlets
  • Constant updates on the latest news and promotions

Once you qualify as a Premier Member, even more benefits and privileges await you:

  • 20 bonus points
  • An additional 20 kilogram baggage allowance
  • Priority reservation wait-listing
  • Access to the Blue Ribbon Club Lounge




Can I enroll my children in the FlyerBonus Program?
Yes, any child over 2 years old can register to the FlyerBonus program.





How many flights are required for a status upgrade?
To qualify for Premier Membership in the FlyerBonus Programme, members must earn 250 flight qualifying points within a calendar year. Flight qualifying points are defined as base points earned from flight activities on Bangkok Airways. Points accumulated with other partners and/or bonus and promotional points are excluded from membership status evaluation.





How can I update my personal FlyerBonus data?
You can update your member information and contact details online by logging into your FlyerBonus member page ( Please note that your given first name and surname can be only be amended by faxing your official proof of name change to +66 2273 8436.





As a FlyerBonus Premier Member, can I access the Blue Ribbon Club Lounge?
FlyerBonus is pleased to extend invitations to all Premier Members into the Blue Ribbon Club (“BRC”) Lounge before each flight booked with us. This is an exclusive privilege for FlyerBonus Premier Members and members will be required to show their FlyerBonus Premier Card and boarding pass to secure lounge access.


  • The Domestic Lounge is located on Level 2, Concourse ‘A’ – opposite Gate A3
  • The International Lounge is located on Level 3, Concourse ‘A’ – at the beginning of Concourse




What is a membership status evaluation?
Membership status evaluations are carried out to determine membership level eligibility for the coming calendar year. Effective June 1, 2008, revisions to the membership evaluation criteria will be introduced. The revised criteria will apply immediately to members enrolling after May 31, 2008 and will come into effect to all members from January 1, 2009.
The following revisions to the evaluation criteria will be made:
Premier Member status can be attained with the accumulation of 250 flight qualifying points within one calendar year (January 1 to December 31 of each year).


For example, if you are enrolled as a FlyerBonus Member before June 1, 2008, the total required qualifying points for a membership upgrade at the end of 2008 will be 200 qualifying points.

FlyerBonus members enrolling after May 31, 2008 will need 250 qualifying points at the end of 2008 to be eligible for a Premier Member upgrade.
From January 1, 2009 onwards, FlyerBonus Members will require 250 qualifying points to become eligible for a Premier Level upgrade.
To ensure members can enjoy the benefits and privileges of Premier status immediately, membership status upgrades will be processed at the end of every month for those members who have earned sufficient flight qualifying points.




What should I do if I had lost my membership card?
FlyerBonus membership card can be replaced at a service fee of THB 350 per one card. Please contact FlyerBonus Customer Service during office hours; Mon – Fri, 8.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. Thailand local time (GMT +7) Tel : [Within Thailand:1771]  [Outside Thailand:66(02) 270 6699]  or email to: