FlyerBonus respects the privacy of its members and promises confidentiality of members’ personal information. FlyerBonus and its partners share members’ personal information and preferences in order to efficiently administer accounts, offer quality rewards, benefits, personalization, and products & services to members. However, FlyerBonus will not collect, use or disclose members’ personal information without members’ consent. FlyerBonus regard our members’ trust in our custodianship of their personal information absolutely crucial.


In order to offer and provide the services and privileges to which members are entitled, FlyerBonus must collect, use and disclose information in relation to its members. This information may be personal, which is why we make the following commitments to our members.

  1. Be assured that we will only collect the personal information necessary to administer members’ FlyerBonus account and to enable efficient offerings of program rewards, benefits and products & services.
  2. We do not collect, use or disclose personal information without members’ consent unless required by law.
  3. We may, occasionally, convey members’ personal information to our agents for processing to determine which members may be most interested in rewards, benefits, and products and services offered by FlyerBonus and our participating partners. Contractual and other methods guarantee secure protection of personal information while being processed by our agents.
  4. We may temporarily share members’ personal information with our partners to increase members’ opportunity of points accumulation, facilitate points redemption or to obtain special benefits. Use of information by partners for any purpose other than the FlyerBonus loyalty program is strictly prohibited.
  5. Members are fully entitled to examine their personal information we have acquired, subject to restrictions provided by law, and may request rectification of inaccurate or incomplete information. If applicable, we will disclose this information to relevant pupils or rectify it immediately
  6. We maintain the security and confidentiality of the information provided by members according to the strictest standards. Compliance with these standards is constantly verified and revised as necessary.
  7. Every organization that provide us with administrative and/or information processing services are required to act in accordance to our Policy and the Privacy protection rules it contains.