FlyerBonus Membership

FlyerBonus Membership Enrolment

Entry Application

  1. To participate in the FlyerBonus Program, the applicant must complete the application on the FlyerBonus website ( and indicate acceptance of the FlyerBonus Program’s Terms and Conditions. Membership is accepted at the sole discretion of Bangkok Airways.
  2. Membership numbers and accrued points are non-transferable from one member to another under any circumstance.
  3. Retroactive credit on Bangkok Airways for flights taken prior to enrolment will not be given after 6 months has passed from the date of activity.
  4. By applying for membership, individuals authorise FlyerBonus to use any information relating to their membership for the following purposes:
    • Reservations, ticket sales, check-in, airport services and in-flight services with regard to air transport services
    • Guidance, provision and management of other services and products offered by FlyerBonus
    • All operations incidental or related to the above activities
    • Implementation of questionnaires concerning service and products offered by FlyerBonus
    • Development of new products and services
    • Guidance and information provision for various events and campaigns
    • Providing information on services, products, events and campaigns of Bangkok Airways Group of companies and partner companies
    • Responses to inquiries and requests

Members Qualifications

  1. The program is open to individuals aged two or above with a mailing address in any country open to frequent flyer program participation.
  2. Only one member per FlyerBonus membership account is permitted. Name alterations after initial enrolment are permitted with applicable legal documentation clearly indicating the name change.

Membership Termination

  1. Members may terminate their membership at any time by giving written notice via letter, fax or e-mail. Any outstanding points will be deemed void upon receipt of membership termination.
  2. Membership accounts where there’s been no active point accrual over 12 months period will be deemed inactive and deactivated upon the expiration of any remaining points. New membership accounts with no activity recorded within the first 12 months post enrolment will also be deactivated.
  3. Bangkok Airways reserves the right to terminate a FlyerBonus membership with immediate effect if a member:
    • Does not abide by the terms and conditions and/or documents
    • Attempts to gain benefits from FlyerBonus and/or provides false information
    • Has been issued with a death certificate (with all outstanding point credits cancelled).

Membership Card Conditions

  1. The FlyerBonus temporary membership card can be downloaded from the FlyerBonus website. The member's full name as stated upon enrolment must be printed on the card. Once the member has accrued a total of 100 points, a FlyerBonus permanent card will be sent to the member at the given address.
  2. Members must present their membership card when using the services of Bangkok Airways and/or program partners to receive benefits and point credits.
  3. Membership numbers are non-transferable from one member to another under any circumstance. Misuse of membership cards or program benefits may result in membership termination.
  4. Expired and/or terminated membership cards are deemed non-usable and void.
  5. In the event of loss, theft or damage resulting from defacement, a membership card can be reissued at the member’s request. The re-issuance of a membership card is subject to service fee. Click here for Service Fees and Updates!