Airline Award Redemption

Air Award redemption can only be requested by the membership account owner.

  1. Award redemption and award booking must be completed online at least 5 days before the date of travel. Open dated tickets are not permitted.
  2. Awards are subject to capacity control which may limit the number of seats available for award travel and discontinuing any award is solely at the discretion of Bangkok Airways.
  3. Award ticket is valid for one year and cannot be issued as an open ticket. Members must provide destination and date of travel for award tickets.
    **50 percent or 70 percent Award Sale Ticket are valid for travel on flight date shown only and point redepositing is NOT allowed.
  4. An award ticket is considered used if a member fails to check-in and take a flight already reserved and the subsequent segments under the same booking will be cancelled. Members will not be able to refund surcharges, and fees or re-deposit those points.
  5. Children, two years or older, will be charged the full award point level when redeeming for any airline award flight.
  6. Infants under two years and not occupying a seat cannot redeem an award ticket for travel. If an adult is traveling on an award ticket, an accompanying infant has to purchase an infant ticket where regular fare conditions for infants apply.
  7. In the event of a flight disruption, passengers traveling on award tickets will be serviced by the same procedures applicable for fare-paying passengers.
  8. Please note that booking a flight award can be done online unless the account owner is under the age of 12.
  9. Award tickets are valid travel documents for air travel on Bangkok Airways and FlyerBonus airline partners for the dates and names of passengers as specified on the ticket and boarding pass. Award tickets are issued on the basis that all conditions specified on the ticket apply and all conditions stated are satisfied.
  10. Charter flights operated under a Bangkok Airways flight number are not eligible for point accumulation or redemption.
  11. Award travel may not be possible on code-share services. Points can only be earned on flights operated by Bangkok Airways and partner airlines. Members must verify the availability of award travel with the airline in advance. The award ticket may not entitle the member to certain benefits associated with a full fare ticket.
  12. Bangkok Airways reserves the right to charge a processing fee for adjustments of the airline award redemption made. Applicable personal service charges, fees and surcharges are the member's responsibility. Please see more details in Cancellation and Re-deposit Fees part.
  13. If the booking takes place more than five days before the date of travel, the member may make payment for an award ticket at a Bangkok Airways Office. The award tickets must be picked up within five days after the booking is confirmed, otherwise bookings will be automatically cancelled.
  14. For any payment not completed within the allotted time limit provided on confirmation, bookings will be cancelled.
  15. For standard award ticket ; the unused points can be re-deposited before the issuance of the tickets and no longer than 30 days after airline award redemption. This is subject to service fee.The points can be re-deposited to the member's account, less any expiring points. Click here for Service Fees and Updates!
  16. When booking a flight award with discount, cancellation on airline award redemptions and point re-depositing are not permitted under any circumstances.
  17. Award booking may be accepted within 330 days prior to the date of departure.
  18. An award ticket that has been bought, sold or bartered by or to a member may be cancelled or confiscated without prior notice in the sole discretion of Bangkok Airways. If the award ticket has been utilized either partially or fully, the member will be liable for payment of travel on a full fare basis. All rights, including the right to bring legal action or to cancel a membership, are also reserved.

​Cancellation and Re-deposit Fees for Award Redemption

  1. Cancellation on airline award redemption and point re-deposit can only be accepted before the issuance of air award tickets and is subject to service fee.(Cancellation on50% discount promotional airline award redemptions and point re-depositing are not allowed )
  2. Award travel can be re-deposited subject to service fee. Once the service fee is received, the points used for the cancelled awards can be re-deposited to the member's account, less any expiring points. Click here for Service Fees and Updates!
  3. 3 - 5 days should be allowed for FlyerBonus points to be re-deposited to member accounts.
  4. After the award ticket has been issued, members may make adjustment to the travel date or travel time. This is subject to service fee. Members must contact FlyerBonus Member Service during business hours (08:00 a.m. – 20:00 p.m., GMT +7, Monday to Friday, except on Thai public holidays) or email us at FlyerBonus will respond to all requests within 7 working days of receipt.
  5. Reservation changes on travel date and time of award ticket can be changed to any onward or backward flight subject to award seat availability.
  6. Reservation change on travel destination (re-routing) is permitted only after the issuance of award ticket and subject to service fee. The desired destination must require the same amount of points as the original destination(s). Any ticket which is re-routed or re-issued may be subject to additional payment for any changes to that ticket which shall be paid by the member. Bangkok Airways reserves the right not to refund any excess payment due to ticket re-routing, re-issuing, or any change to that ticket.
  7. Damaged, lost or stolen air award tickets can be reissued at the sole discretion of Bangkok Airways. Re-issuance of a replacement award ticket is subject to service fee. Click here for Service Fees and Updates!
  8. Bangkok Airways reserves the right to adjust the number of points required for a particular award, withdraw an award or impose additional restrictions on awards as well as withdraw, replace or substitute awards at any time with or without notice.
  9. Bangkok Airways may, from time to time, impose a period in which no awards will be available. Awards may not be available on all flights at all times.
  10. Members must report any suspected unauthorized award claims to the FlyerBonus customer service within three months of the activity to pursue corrective action. Any claims after three months will not be accepted.