Wheelchair Passengers (WCMP/WCBD/WCBW)


  • Passengers must request wheelchairs at the time of their booking, or at least 24 hours before departure date, if a wheelchair is needed.
  • Bangkok Airways will provide wheelchair services without any extra charges. However, please note that passengers must be able to take care of themselves during the flight. If you are unable to take care of your personal needs in-flight, one companion or escort, who can readily assist you and manage your needs, is required to accompany you on board.
  • On your departure date at the check in counter, Bangkok Airways will endeavour to assist passengers from the check-in counter to the aircraft door or cabin seat, as well as to the aircraft’s lavatories.
  • And upon your arrival, the airline staff will also assist you with your baggage through to the arrival area.
  • If a passenger has his/her own wheelchair, please notify us 48 hours in advance prior departure date and we kindly ask that the size and type of personal wheelchair measurements and weight is to be made known to the airline staff when booking, to enable us to make the necessary arrangements in order to load your wheelchair into the aircraft compartment, and to later return it to you at the baggage hall of your destination’s airport. Bangkok Airways reserves the right to refuse to carry the wheelchair on board if the size, weight and type of personal wheelchair is not in accordance with the airline’s handling capability.
  • Passengers travelling with batteries-powered wheelchair or other mobility aid must declare the following information to our reservation staff:
    • Wheelchair/mobility aid type
    • Dimension
    • Tare (unladen) weight
    • Number of batteries installed and spare batteries
    • Type of battery and watt-hour / voltage rating
    • Instruction for preventing inadvertent operation