Charter Service

Charter Service

We arrange any private flight to and from any place in Indo China to enable our clients to select the schedule they need, from the point of origin to the destination they prefer. The private flight can be arranged for one-way flights or round trip flights for any number of passengers from 1 to maximum capacity of the aircraft ( to as many as you need to transport). Any private flight is arranged with the utmost security, safety and can be supplemented with any additional luxury services desired, from hairdressers to full service catering.

  • Private flight allows you to select your departure time and location.
  • Private flight allows you to select the traveling companions on your flight.
  • Private flight allows you to select the exact services and service levels you and your party desire.

Stretcher and oxygen onboard:

Contact to our reservation to make a booking for stretcher and oxygen on board.

Medical Evacuation:

We serve you the medical specialist team and equipment to support your medical evacuation. We can response your needs within 3 hrs. and ready to serve you 24 hrs. a day. Please contact our team at Medical Evacuation Flight (link to contact person).

Contact Person: