Booking Condition

Passenger type definition

  • Adult : Above 12 years of age.
  • Child : 2-11 years of age.
  • Infant : 7 days - under 2 years of age.

*Children below 12 years of age will not be accepted for carriage unless they are accompanied by a person of at least 12 years of age.
*Unaccompanied minor reservation is unable to proceed with online reservation; please contact our 24hrs' Call Center at 1771 or +66 2270 6699

Flight selection

  • Booking and payment can be made 4 hours before flight departure time.
  • Minimum Connecting Time (MCT) should be available at least 1 hour for any flight connection.
  • Multi City flight selection
          - Any repetitive journey is not permitted i.e. Bangkok - Samui // Bangkok - Samui.
          - Maximum flight selection should not be more than 6 sectors.
  • Be verified that all selective information; name, flight number, date, month, email is correct before submitting the payment.


Credit Card

  • Payable with Visa and Master.
  • Payment must be completed 4 hours prior to flight departure.
  • Payment with credit card; must only be proceeded by one of traveller in the booking reference. Such credit card used for payment and passport/ID card is required to present upon check-in for security purpose.
  • Third party credit card will not be allowed.
  • Virtual credit card payment can be accepted; only with the evidence of settlement from the bank and must be presented upon check-in.


Direct Debit, CounterPayment, ATM Payment, Bank counter, Internet Banking

  • Payment must be completed within the time limit provided in the booking record; such time limit is subject to the time prior to flight departure.
  • Code for payment will be generated along with the booking reference; once the booking is completed. Such code is subject to the time prior to flight departure.
  • By failing to complete the payment within given time; the booking will automatically be cancelled by the system. New booking must be made, air fare is subject to change.
Type Maximum Payment per transaction
Direct Debit THB 200,000
ATM Payment THB 200,000
Bank Counter THB 200,000
Internet Banking THB 200,000
Counter Payment THB 50,000

Ticket Issuance

  • Ticket will be issued soon after the settlement; only when such payment is approved.
  • Ticket will be sent to the email address input and submitted during the booking proceess.

Ticket Conditions

  • Terms and Conditions of the ticket applied accordingly to fare restriction accepted during the process.
  • Ticket cannot be transferable; unable to change passenger's name.
  • Ticket must be used in order and/or good sequence.
  • If any amendment/cancellation/modification are required for the itinerary; a notification in advance is required.
  • Flight coupon(s) purchased must be flown in the sequence shown on ticket; otherwise the revised transportation will be considered as reroute with fee (if any), and air fare may be re-calculated from per actual itinerary.
  • If you no longer wish to travel on the booked itinerary, please cancel and re-book the new flight departure for future use. By failing to cancel reservation prior to check-in deadline and/or does not show up for the flight without any notification; the company may consider to cancel the return or onward reservations if any.


  1. Change Flight
  2. Reroute
  3. Change Traveling Date
  4. Change Booking Class
Fare Type Conditions
Web promotion 1. Change: Permitted with fee.
2. Refund: Not possible.
Web saver 1. Change: Permitted (fee may apply).
2. Refund: Permitted with fee.
3. No Show Fee: Fee applied
Web freedom 1. Change: Permitted without fee.
2. Refund: Permitted with fee.
Blue ribbon or premier 1. Change: Permitted without fee.
2. Refund: Permitted with fee.
3. No Show Fee: Fee applied on E class(Premium Economy), and J class(Blue Ribbon).
  • The change might result in additional charge due to higher fare difference from the original booking. However, PG reserves the right not to refund fare difference when the new fare is lower.
  • Online payment must be settled by credit card only.
  • The change must be made prior in time limit before original flight departure time.
  • Any change or cancellation of reservation made after the original flight departure are considered no-show and no-show fee will be applied.
  • No Show Fee will be waived for illness or death of passenger.

Food Selection

  • Special Meal can be reserved at least 24 hours prior to flight depature.

Additional Baggage Alllowance

  • Economy Class will be provided with 20 kgs baggage allowance.
  • Business Class will be provided with 30 kgs baggage allowance.
  • Any purchasing of additional baggage allowance must be completed at least 4 hours prior to flight departure.

Seat Selection

  • Pre-reserved Seat can be reserved at least 24 hours or at maximum of 330 days before flight departure.

Flight Modification

  • Flight modification can be made at least 4 hours before flight departure.
  • All changes are subject to terms, conditions and/or seat availablility.

Receipt Request

  • Upon requesting for the receipt; a complete input of the form provided is required.


  • Upon requesting for a refund; a complete input of the form provided is required.
  • Refunding ticket is subject to the acceptance of terms and conditions during the booking process; and upon submitting the payment.

Contact Bangkok Airways

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