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No one can deny the natural beauty of Trat, especially at the island of Koh Chang. This spacious island is the second largest in Thailand. It is a heaven of relaxation blended with nature as well as comfort and convenience. A little further away is the island of Koh Kood. This extremely beautiful and unspoiled island is also the last portion of land on the eastern most tip of Thailand. The water surrounding it is crystal clear with white sandy beaches earning it the nickname, “The Andaman Sea of the East”.

If you decide to return to the mainland, there is plenty for you to do there too. While in Trat, the Buddhist-Muslim community at Ban Nam Chiao is an interesting place to visit. The people there have lived harmoniously along side each other for many generations. You will also find many small beaches along the coast that are not so well known such as Haad Sai Dam. It is the only place in the country that boasts a black sand beach. Finally, the best way to end a fantastic trip is with a satisfied stomach so remember to pick up some local treats such as “Rakam” and some sweet golden pineapples. Trat truly is a place of hidden pleasures and delight, tucked away in every corner.

Popular Destinations and Must do Activities

Koh Chang National Park

No matter if the season is summer, winter or even monsoon, Koh Chang remains a very popular destination. If you want to relax, this is the place to do it or if you are up for an adventure, then there is much more to see than pristine beaches.  A few examples of exciting activities include hiking, diving, fishing, and kayaking. You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to finding resorts, restaurants and entertainment venues.

Koh Kood, Koh Mah and Koh Kham
Pack your bags and get ready for a carefree and fun filled lifestyle with unlimited privacy on Koh Kood. This island has white sand beaches and water so clear it looks like a mirror, giving it the nickname, “Andaman Sea of the East”. At Koh Mah, the atmosphere is extremely relaxed and laid back. So are the people. There are many activities to do all day, both on the beach and in the water. As for Koh Kham, it is also known as “The Emerald Pearl of Trat”. This is because it is surrounded by astonishingly beautiful coral of numerous types, drawing divers from all over.

SaphanHin Waterfall

SaphanHin Waterfall is a vast waterfall and is accessible throughout the year. Every weekend, the locals sell fruit and plantation on the first terrace. The higher level is steep but is embraced with natural surroundings and green views.

The Had Lek Border Market

At the very tip of Thailand’s eastern border is the town of Had Lek. It is host to a hustling market on the Thai-Cambodian border offering a variety of products made in both Thailand and neighboring countries. Merchandise you can find there includes fruits, vegetables, electronic goods, watches, leather, perfume and even golf clubs. Also remember to bargain shamelessly and set the alarm clock because the market is opened every morning from 7 to 8:30.

Ban Nam Chiao

The charming, simplistic and wonderfully old-fashioned way of life at Ban Nam Chiao has earned it an award for outstanding community based tourism in the Thailand Tourism Awards 2007. If you come to visit, you will discover more than the genuine hospitality of the local people. There is a mosque here that has been standing for over 200 years as well as a beautiful forest of mangrove trees entangled along the coastline, complete with a 12 meter bird watching tower. Before you leave, you must not forget to buy a woven bamboo hat or two. These high quality bamboo hats are called “Ngob”, and are considered to be the local specialty.

Residang Kamport

Residang Kamport or what the locals refer to as “Juan Residang” was once occupied by the French during the invasion of Trat from the year 1904 to 1906. Since then, it has become a landmark, attracting many visitors and their cameras. It also acts as a symbolic reminder to the locals that Thailand was once in a state of crisis but because of the Monarch, the country was able to circum every obstacle to make Thailand the democratic country it is today.

Delectable Dishes and Mouth-watering Menus

If you want to get to know Trat a little more intimately, then you must try some of the delicious local cuisine. The various specialties here are like no where else. This is because the ingredients are all found around the area and change according to season. Anyone who is willing to try is in for a treat.
There are many ways to stir-fry a soft shelled crab. You can have them fried in garlic, curry powder or black pepper for a wonderfully enticing dish. Now a little about the next dish, “Khao Kreab Nam Jim”. It is made of different types of glutinous rice flour that is steamed until it becomes sticky, then served with sweet dipping sauce and topped with minced dried shrimp, fresh chili pepper, garlic, fish sauce, lime juice and sugar. Another local specialty is “Nam Prik Rakam”, which is a chili paste, made from a popular fruit grown in the region. It tastes sour with a hint of sweetness. It is consumed with edible plants such as fern shoots, cumin and herbs along with fresh homegrown vegetables.
At last it is time for dessert. A popular treat is “Kanom Chan Muang Trat”. It is soft and chewy and not too sweet. The colors of the dessert’s layers are made from “Krang” which is a special type of food coloring that gives it a unique reddish tone. The golden pineapples of Trat also make a scrumptious dessert because of their authentic sweetness, crunchiness and size.

Getting There Ahead of Time with Bangkok Airways

Even if you have only a few days, travelling around Trat is not difficult at all. With Bangkok Airways, we take you to your destination safe and sound and within an hour.
When you arrive at the airport in Trat, you will be welcomed by the cool breeze in the open air passenger terminal set in natural surroundings. Some more welcoming sights as you travel through the region are rows of rubber trees, golden pineapple fields, eco-friendly resorts and rustic communities. Bangkok Airways operates on strict security and safety regulations complying with international standards. You can be assured that the best care will be given to our passengers as well as the environment. Bangkok Airways has received many prestigious awards for environmental awareness such as the EIA Monitoring Award 2009, presented by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.
Bangkok Airway’s Boutique Lounge is also available for your leisure. Hot and cold drinks are served here as well as an assortment of snacks and desserts. There is also an internet area to keep you connected and entertained.

Route One way
Bangkok - Trat 2,950 THB
Trat - Bangkok 3,050 THB
Route Round Trip
Currency : INR
Mumbai-Bangkok-Trat 12,400

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  • Currency

    Thai Baht (THB)
  • Electricity/Socket Adaptor

    220V 50Hz
  • Language

    Thai, English
  • Time zone

    UTC +7
  • Tel code

    +66 2
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  • JUN - NOV

    Rainy season - wet and humid
    30°C - 35°C
    Prepare for rainy days
  • DEC - FEB

    Cool season - breezy evenings and comfortable weather
    26°C - 30°C
    Great time for sightseeing
  • MAR - MAY

    Hot season - sunny and blazing hot
    30°C - 40°C
    Bring plenty of water when out and about