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Where the Past Meets the Present

Over a decade ago, the city of Sukhothai was labelled by Unesco a world cultural heritage site. It was once Thailand’s capital city and a thriving kingdom. Today, it continues to draw tourists from all around the country and the world.

Sukhothai is a combination of two words, sukho and Thai, which means “the dawn of happiness”. And there is no better place to be to search for such joy. It is a place rich in historic art and architecture. Take a trip to Sukhothai Historical Park or the ancient city, which the locals call kaan, and rummage around the inner and outer stone walls of the old ruins. Distinguished historical attractions include Wat Mahathat, Wat Chana Songkram, Wat Si Chum, and Si Satchanalai. There are also large collections of ancient artefacts from over 200 locations on display.

Besides the ancient city, Ramkhamhaeng National Museum should also be incorporated into your travel agenda. Other activities include a climb to the mountain peak to witness an amazing sunrise, a refreshing dip in the waterfalls, and a walk around Baan Thung Luang village famous for its pottery. Don’t forget to taste the local cuisine. It’ll definitely make your journey even more memorable.            

Top destinations and activities not to miss

Sukhothai Historical Park

Keep in mind that this is a place you cannot miss while in Sukhothai. It is filled with colourful stories and important sites such as a monument of King Ram Khamhaeng and Wat Mahathat. Meander through the ancient Sukhothai ruins on foot or by bicycle. If you stay in the park from -9pm, you will be in for a visual treat as spotlights illuminate the entire park grounds.

Si Satchanalai Historical Park

Si Satchanalai was the second most important town in the Sukhothai Kingdom. Out of 215 sites and relics denoted, 204 have been properly fleshed out. Highlights for most travellers include the monasteries of Wat Si Ratana Mahathat, Wat Chang Lom, and Wat Chedi Jet Thaew. Getting around easy with the tram service.

Ramkhamhaeng National Park 

The Ramkhamhaeng Park is full of natural beauty. Climb to the peak of the mountain to get a spectacular view of the surroundings. Camp there and watch the sunset and sunrise. Hike along the path that takes you through the 86-hectare meadow. Observe the various indigenous flora and fauna. If you still have energy to spare then trek to Saai Rung Waterfall, Narai Cave, and Phra Ruang Wing Waow field.

Baan Na Ton Chan village

Visitors who wish to experience the traditional Sukhothai way of life are recommended to visit the Baan Na Ton Chan village. This peaceful, well-kept village specializes in traditional weaving and dyeing, an indigenous knowledge passed down from generation to generation.Additionally, before leaving the village, do not forget to taste the famous KhaoPerpor regularly known as KuayTeowPhraRuang as well as view its making at close hands. You won’t be disappointed!

Loi Krathong Festival 

Sukhothai is the country’s largest producer of banana leaves and the origin of Thailand’s exported banana leaves. Visitors will be amused by the huge piles of banana leaves seen at every household along the Mae Yom river banks. The use of banana leaves has long been integral to the local’s daily lives and have been used regularly as serving plates, food packaging, cooking and even for crafting Krathongs! Loi Krathong Festival is held in November over five days in Sukhothai Historical Park. It is an enormous celebration where krathong (floating offerings) are released to illuminate the river and floating lanterns are floated into the night sky. Beauty pageants, parades, and traditional dances are just a few of the activities you can experience. The Park also hosts an historical re-enactment of life during the Sukhothai Era.

Pottery at Baan Thung Luang Village  

Baan Thung Luang village has been around for quite some time. The village is home to around 200 families. The main source of income comes from the sale of traditionally made pottery. Clay from a paddy field is sculpted, hand-carved and heated in a kiln. The pottery is unique to the province. Try to make your own clay pot or buy one as a souvenir. The villagers are always happy to greet you.

Delicious Dishes and Countless Menus

Sukhothai offers many distinctive Thai dishes for you to try. Try Sukhothai noodles, where the soup has a very pleasant aroma and the ingredients are abundant. Minced pork, red pork, innards, meat balls, dried shrimps, pickle turnips, coconut sugar, grounded peanuts and chopped yard long beans are all added to the noodles. Fried garlic is often sprinkled on top to add more flavour. You can have the noodles without soup or as tom yam (aromatic sweet and sour soup).

Sukhothai pad thai is another favourite dish. Unlike the typical pad thai, tofu, dried shrimp, and garlic chives are not used. The noodles are fried with chopped yard long beans and flavoured with tamarind oil, coconut sugar, and oyster sauce. The result is something sweet, sour, and salty. It is served with bean sprouts, a slice of lime, and banana blossom.

For dessert, there are the fried beans, made from rice flour, wheat flour, salt, coconut milk, eggs, and wild yam. Peanuts are scattered on top. The snack is crunchy, sweet, and a little salty.

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Forget about taking public transport or driving all the way to Sukhothai. Hop on a Bangkok Airways flight from Suvarnabhumi airport to Sukhothai Airport. Two daily flights are available and the flight time is only one hour.

At Sukhothai Airport we offer our passenger access to the exclusive “Boutique Lounge”. You can relax, have refreshments, read a magazine, and use the internet. Sukhothai Airport is one of our three “Boutique Airports”, designed to aesthetically match the architectural style of the ancient city. The buildings are Thai style - very open and spacious. It has won awards from the Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage. The airport is situated on a beautiful 400-hectare plot of land surrounded by rice paddies, grassy meadows and a large pond.

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Bangkok - Sukhothai 1,690 THB
Sukhothai - Bangkok 1,790 THB

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    Thai Baht (THB)
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    220V 50Hz
  • Language

    Thai, English
  • Time zone

    UTC +7
  • Tel code

    +66 2
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  • JUN - NOV

    Rainy season - wet and humid
    30°C - 35°C
    Prepare for rainy days
  • DEC - FEB

    Cool season - breezy evenings and comfortable weather
    26°C - 30°C
    Great time for sightseeing
  • MAR - MAY

    Hot season - sunny and blazing hot
    30°C - 40°C
    Bring plenty of water when out and about