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Pearl of the Andaman

Phuket is the largest island in Thailand and was recognised by the tourism industry as the country’s top destination in 2010. Lonely Planet labels Phuket as a place to see and be seen. The main beaches buzz with people and activities but beautiful and secluded beaches void of commotion can also be found. Adventurers and thrill-seekers can participate in the extreme sports the island has to offer. You can also take it down a notch with a leisurely trek on the back of an elephant through tropical jungle and then cool off at a waterfall. Sightseeing and enjoying the stunning panoramic views can also be rewarding. Indulge yourself in the array of night entertainment on offer before heading back to your room for some well-earned rest. There is a wide range of accommodation available, suiting everyone from budget-conscious travellers to jet setters.

The sandy beaches of Phuket are gorgeous and the water is crystal clear. While the nightlife is renowned worldwide, the island also has a peaceful and tranquil side. Explore the simplistic indigenous lifestyle of the Baba people (Chinese - Malaysian). They have had the biggest influence on local traditions and culture across the island. Historic sites such as mosques, Buddhist temples, and old style houses are still very well preserved.        

Places and Activities not to Miss

Sino-Portuguese Architecture

Take a stroll along the streets of Phuket and you will discover amazing Portuguese- and Chinese-influenced architecture along roads such as Thanon Klang, Thanon Rasada, Thanon Dibuk, Thanon Phang Nga, Thanon Krabi, Thanon Yaowarat and Soi Rommani. Buildings of interest include Phuket Thai Hua Museum, On On Hotel and Phra Pitak Chinpracha Mansion.

Golden Sands

Every beach on Phuket has its own unique charm. Mai Khao and Nai Yang are perfect to get away from it all. Patong, Kata and Karon are busier with more people traffic. For those who just want to sit back and enjoy the sunset or a romantic getaway, Laem Singh is recommended.

KohKhai, KohRacha

Take another boat trip to KohKhai to see corals and a vibrant marine life; in particular thestaghorn coraland various colourfulexotic fish. Canoeing is a favourite way to explore Koh Rang Yaiand its Pearl farm. KohRacha is a natural preservation area,surrounded by spectacular view-pointsof beautiful tropical landscapes.


Laem Phromthep is considered the place to go for the best views of Phuket, particularly at sunset, when the sky is often stained with a pinkish orange hue as the sun dips into the ocean. The vantage point high above sea level affords views of the horizon, beaches and mountains all at once.


After the sun has set, it’s time to hit the town. Phuket Fantasy and Phuket Simon Cabaret are both reliable hot spots, where the stage, lighting and special effects will capture you imagination and transport you into the realms of dreams.

Vegetarian Festival

Jia Chai, or Vegetarian Festival, is Phuket’s most important religious event, held annually around October. Locals fast and participate in sacred rituals such as walking on hot coals, climbing ladders made of sharp blades, and becoming a medium for benevolent spirits. Once possessed by the spirits, the mediums will undergo painful self mutilations to express their strong faith.

Delicious Dishes

Whether you are in an upscale restaurant or sitting on a plastic chair at a roadside vendor, you are sure to be served some of the freshest seafood you’ve ever had. For authentic local flavours head into Phuket Town for a countless varieties of dishes.

Breakfast is best served at dim sum. Don’t worry about the piles of dishes continually being placed on your table. They only charge you for the dishes you eat. Later in the afternoon, look for lobah (steamed and fried pig innards served with a thick, sweet and sour sauce).

Another must-try dish is Hokkien noodles (stir-fried yellow egg noodles with shrimp paste and vegetables). If you are looking for something spicy try au tao (oysters, flour, taro and black pepper).

For dessert, sample tao sor (made from Hokkien bean paste). Don’t forget to try kanom prik, kanom tukta and kanom dok bua, all cookie-like desserts best washed down with coffee. A nice cold sweet treat to savour is oh aew (ice with sugar syrup) - perfect for those hot summer days.

Reach your destination with Bangkok Airways

There is so much to discover in Phuket, but those who are restraint by time need not worry. The punctual service of Bangkok Airways will make the 50-minute journey from Bangkok to Phuket seem like it’s over in seconds.

The Airbus service from Bangkok to Phuket includes food, drinks and other in-flight services. The airline has been recognised with the Skytrax award for six consecutive years. In the airline’s Boutique Lounge, travellers can relax while enjoying refreshments, drinks, and Wi-Fi.

Once in Phuket, there are many modes of transportation to choose from. Either rent a car, take public transport, or hop on a pink photon bus that can drop you at any beach you like.

Continuing your Journey

Now that you’re done exploring Phuket and you want to see the rest of Thailand, Bangkok Airways offers four easily reached destinations from the island. From Phuket International Airport continue on to Samui, Trat (via Samui), Pattaya (U-Tapao) or Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi).

Route One way
Samui - Phuket 3,700 THB
Phuket - Samui 3,500 THB
Route One Way (All Inclusive)
Chiang Mai - Phuket 2,590 THB
Phuket - Chiang Mai 2,100 THB

* 3 days advance purchase required.

Route One way
Pattaya - Phuket 2,240 THB
Phuket - Pattaya 2,290 THB
Route One Way (All Inclusive)
Bangkok - Phuket 1,540 THB*
Phuket - Bangkok 1,540 THB*

* 30 days advance purchase required.

Route Round Trip
Currency : INR
Mumbai-Bangkok-Phuket 12,400*

*Traveling in May, October December will be charged of INR600 per ticket.

Route Round Trip
Currency : USD
Vientiane-Bangkok-Phuket 208
Route Round Trip
Currency : USD
Luang Prabang-Bangkok-Phuket 234
Route Round Trip
Currency : USD
Phnom Penh-Bangkok-Phuket 202
Route One way (All inclusive)
Phuket - Hat Yai 1,790 THB
Hat Yai - Phuket 1,790 THB

Quick Facts

  • Currency

    Thai Baht (THB)
  • Electricity/Socket Adaptor

    220V 50Hz
  • Language

    Thai, English
  • Time zone

    UTC +7
  • Tel code

    +66 2
  • Religion



  • JUN - NOV

    Rainy season - wet and humid
    30°C - 35°C
    Prepare for rainy days
  • DEC - FEB

    Cool season - breezy evenings and comfortable weather
    26°C - 30°C
    Great time for sightseeing
  • MAR - MAY

    Hot season - sunny and blazing hot
    30°C - 40°C
    Bring plenty of water when out and about